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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Form/Space Atelier Upcoming Exhibits

April 2009 Kristen Elsbeth Dallum- B&W Photography
May 2009 Dipika Kohli- Drawings and Installation "Beautiful Simple" http://www.design-kompany.com/
June 2009 Shannon Marie Barry- Paintings: Figural "The Quiet Society"
July 2009 Joe Reno Paintings "The House of Orange"
August 2009 Paul Rebsom, First solo exhibit at Form/Space Atelier, 2nd exhibit overall, photography and sculpture, www.paularebsom.com, http://oregonartsblog.typepad.com/photos/rebsom/outskirts_2007_working_print2.html
September 2009 Lynn Schirmer http://www.lynnschirmer.com/
October 2009 Dan Hawkins-Photography http://danhawkinsphotography.net/
November 2009 TBA
December 2009 Sam Birchman- Paintings
January 2010 John Monson- Paintings: Abstract
February 2010 Matthew Kandegas-Paintings: Postminimalist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Kandegas
March 2010- Juliette Fretté - Paintings
April 2010- Kristen Dallum - Photographs/New Media "54th Statehood Exposition"
May 2010- Elara Tanguy - Paintings
June 2010- Michael Lane - Paintings
July 2010- Vladmaster - New Media
August 2010- Mick Lorusso - Multiple Media
October 2010- Dan Hawkins- Photos, Bethlehem, PA
November 2010- Megan Hosch-Schmidt- Interdisciplinary
December 2010- Samuel Birchman - Paintings
January 2011- John Monson - Paintings
February 2011- Beili Liu- Site-Specific Installation

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paul Kuniholm Testifies In Washington Legislature, January 31, 2008

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