Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Form/Space Atelier Integrative Intervention; "Beautiful Simple" drawings by Dipika Kohli

Design Kompany will be exhibiting some new artwork at Form/Space Atelier.

Save the date for the opening reception on Friday, May 8.

Beautiful Simple
Drawings by DK
Form/Space Atelier
2407 First Avenue
Belltown, Seattle

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Form/Space Atelier Program for April 2009

Form/Space Atelier Program for April 2009

Show Title: Postcards From Footsteps: Explorations of Unique and Universal  

Show Duration: April 10- May 3

Opening Reception April 10, 6PM as part of the Belltown Art Walk www.belltownartwalk.com

Kristen Elsbeth Dallum graduated from the University of Washington School of Art with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts.  She has worked with youth artists at Arts Corp, Seattle, finding creative solutions to individual and group efforts, and at Camp Sealth, Vashon Island, where Form/Space Atelier Curator Paul Pauper lived from 10 years old until he was 25, and Pauper still has many family members living there.  Postcards From Footsteps: Explorations of Unique and Universal is Kristen Elsbeth Dallum's first solo photography exhibit at Form/Space Atelier.  The photographs are editions of one, and are 8x10 inches.  Prices are $200 each.  Exhibit is free.

Exhibit Description:

This collection of images was created from that which I have photographed
digitally over the past few years; presented for your consideration in black and white as a commentary on contrast, these are the only existing prints of these images, each singularly available as an experiment in detachment.  Each image has been gathered from my personal encounters with charming coincidence.  Contrast speaks of borders and boundaries, which serve multitudes of functions.  They foster controversy, cooperation, and conversation.  Where we place them or determine them to fall creates consequences of our choosing, conscious or otherwise. They offer to amplify our stark differences along with our stunning similarities.  The paths we tread speak of our intentions as well as our innately wondrous nature, our
knowledge and our imagination.  What we choose to uphold and herald, what we choose to abolish and ignore: it is all there in the borders.  Beginnings, endings, pivotal circumstances, conclusions, changes and continuity are available, abundant.  Thank you for looking!   

Attached JPEG: Untitled, copyright 2008, Kristen Dallum.