Monday, December 28, 2009

Form/Space Atelier Program For January 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For January 2010

Show Title: The Water Poet

Show Duration: January 8-February 7, 2009

Opening Reception: January 8, 6PM, as part of the Belltown ArtWalk

John Monson exhibits new acrylic on canvas abstract seascapes and other imagery at Form/Space Atelier. This exhibit marks Monson’s first solo show at Form/Space Atelier and his second exhibit overall with the gallery. John keeps a garret–looking studio overlooking a wooded knoll in bucolic yet picturesque Fall City, where he also works out inventions, owning several patents. The title of the show refers to another John, English poet John Taylor (1580-1654), who assumed the sobriquet "The Water Poet" because Taylor for a long time was a waterman on the Thames. John Monson's visual poems of water reference the title. About his own work, Monson says; “I received my BFA from Western Washington University. Awards include top honors in ten juried art competitions. I draw heavily upon natural, organic forms, and move easily between realism and abstraction. I like to establish a dialog between carefully worked realism and impulsive, organic forms. This broad and inclusive integration of diverse styles reveals my belief that art plays a role in creating our worldview. Hopefully my work reflects a view that is not exclusive and fragmented, but rather more complete, more tolerant and integrating.”

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