Friday, March 19, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For April 2010

photo: K.E. Dallum, all rights reserved.

Form/Space Atelier Program For April 2010

Show Title: 54th Statehood Exposition

Show Duration: April 15-May 16, 2010

Vernissage: April 15, 6p.m. as part of the !NEW! Third Thursday Belltown ArtWalk. See for details.

54th Statehood Exposition consists of new black-and-white photographs and a co-located new media exhibition by Kristen Elsbeth Dallum. Curator Paul Pauper frames the exhibit by hypothesizing creation of a 54th state, somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, where utopia exists, limited only by the bounds of imagination.
Kristen Elsbeth Dallum graduated from the University of Washington School of Art with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. She has worked with youth artists at Arts Corp, Seattle, finding creative solutions to individual and group efforts, and at Camp Sealth, Vashon Island, where Form/Space Atelier Curator Paul Pauper lived from 10 years old until he was 25, and Pauper still has many family members living there. "54th Statehood Exposition" is Kristen Elsbeth Dallum's second solo photography exhibit at Form/Space Atelier. The photographs are editions of one, and are 8x10 inches. Prices are $200 each. Exhibit is free.