Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kellie Patricia Lynch Performative Happening October 15,6PM

*Domicile* is the current performance cycle presented by Project; Group: Collective. It will take place over the course of five days. Each performance is sufficient in it's self and also part of the whole. The focus of Domicile is the materializing patterns in everyday life to extract the beauty and purpose of our collective motions in modern humanity. The performance on October 15th at Form/Space Atelier is the second to last ...installment of Domicile.

Domecile marks the second performative exhibition of artist Kellie Patricia Lynch at Seattle gallery Form/Space Atelier. Lynch's first exhibit, Dinner For One, occurred in November 2008 in a parking lot adjacent to Form/Space Atelier. Lynch uttered the rosary for about two hours on the rough asphalt, she had rendered poetic text on her back, it was cold, sad and pure.

*Project; Group: Collective* is a group of progressive multifaceted artists that align their similar interests sporadically to create tangible evidence of gedanken experiments within the Art:Life conversation.

Artists for Fall 2010:
Spencer Philip, actor/visual artist
Nick Carlson, actor/musical engineer
Kellie Patricia Lynch, dancer/publicity
Shanessey Scott, double bassist

Full Domicile schedule:
Tuesday, October 12th - Bike So Good, Georgetown 8pm
Wednesday, October 13th - the intersection of
Spokane St. and Airport Way 7pm
Thursday, October 14th - TBA
Friday, October 15th - Form/Space Atelier, 2407 1st Ave. 7pm
Saturday, October 16th - Gallery 1412 8pmSee More

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For September 2010

Show Title: "Split Level"
Show Duration: September 17-October 16, 2010
Vernissage: September 17, 6-8PM
Closing Reception: October 16, 6-8PM

Split Level is a site-specific sculptural introgression narrating the hubris of built-environment largesse contaminating landscape. Split Level is the third exhibit of Paula Rebsom at Form/Space Atelier. Prior Paula Rebsom exhibits at Form/Space Atelier: Designated Landmarks(2007), Outskirts(2009).

Paula Rebsom Statement For Split Level:

In October of 2008, a house in Southwest Portland slid 300 feet down a hill, crashing into the houses below with a woman inside of it. No one was hurt, although several homes were damaged and others red flagged, deemed unsafe for human occupancy. It was later determined that the landslide was triggered by water from an underground sprinkler system.

Seattle is no stranger to urban landslides and Form/Space Atelier’s unusual exhibition space is perched on a hillside, descending into a basement. This interior architecture presents a perfect opportunity for me to explore urban housing developments, landslides and the intersection between the natural and built environments.

Split Level explores the negative unforeseen results that occur when, often in an attempt to live closer to nature, humans attempt to defy the laws of gravity and forces of nature by building where the land is unstable. There are a wealth of documentary images showing houses that are a foot away from falling over the edge of a steep hillside, houses that have sunk into their foundations, or that have completely smashed into a pile of rubble. These images, which I find both haunting and beautiful, served as a starting point for this work helping to inform the shifts of planes that the siding takes as it plunges into the basement and collapses under the weight of a small boulder. The gray planes immerse the viewer in an environment that recalls the flat, gray surfaces of photographs documenting landslides in the Pacific Northwest.