Monday, November 15, 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For November 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For November 2010

Exhibit Titile: Connecting Knots

Exhibit Duration: November 18-December 12, 2010

Vernissage: November 18, 6PM

"Connecting Knots is non-objective landscapes, wrought in 2D and sculptural mixed-media objects, created by Megan M. Hosch-Schmitt. Connecting Knots is a solo exhibit, the first by Ms. Hosch-Schmitt at Form/Space Atelier. Ms. Hosch-Schmitt is an art educator at both The Childrens Museum of Seattle and the Seattle Country Day School. Ms. Hosch-Schmitt received both her MFA and BFA in Art Education from Nothern Iowa University." -Paul Pauper, Curator, Form/Space Atelier

Exhibit Description:

"Connecting Knots is a mixed media exploration of a Midwest artist's journey to discover 'self' and a sense of home in Seattle's urban landscape.

In this visual journey, the artwork moves through a structure of patterns and knots which contain links to the natural world, decorative arts and human life. Within this structure is another connecting layer of images that symbolize personal and universal struggles faced along the way. For example, the audience may find an antlered doe laboring over issues in gender equality, a bird fleeting to or from feminine stereotypes, and a tree removed from the forest to
experience autonomy.

In the exhibition, Connecting Knots, it is undeniably the struggles of the artist's passage that led to the shaping of the knots and patterns to form. However, the artistic process of retelling the story is what allowed for the knots to heal and unwind and the patterns to break, giving this exhibition its true context and visual interest." -Megan M. Hosch-Schmitt