Friday, December 3, 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For December 2010

Form/Space Atelier Program For December 2010

Exhibit Title: New Stuff

Exhibit Duration: December 16, 2010-January 16, 2010

Vernissage: 6PM December 16, 2010

Holiday Hours: Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Wed-Sat 12-4PM and Sundays Message 206-349-2509 For Personalized Viewing.

Sam Birchman exhibits oil on canvas paintings, well-drafted, with
figuration and other imagery in 2010's "New Stuff". Sam Birchman has been integrating sculptural elements in his paintings for at least two years. This is the fifth exhibit of Sam Birchman’s work curated by Paul Pauper, dating back to 2007. Sam Birchman returned to Seattle after spending months in New York City recently. About his own work, Sam says “I live and work in downtown Seattle. I received my BFA in Studio Painting from the Evergreen State College in 2004. I am mainly interested in faces and figures. I find that I need to have a living being in my paintings in order for them to feel complete, whether it be a human, an animal, or just a suggestion of one or the other. I prefer my spaces to be somewhat undefined. The setting is less important to me than the interaction between the figures on the canvas. The process of painting itself is what I truly enjoy, from stretching and priming the canvas to applying paint and seeing what happens and how I respond to it.” Sam keeps a studio in the Vain Hair Salon Building, along with Form/Space Atelier-exhibited artist Michael Lane and others. Sam’s father is artist Fred Birchman, represented by Francine Seders.

October–November 2009
Wright Exhibition Space (Group Show), Seattle, WA
May 2009
Café Verite, Seattle, WA
March 2008
26 Brix, Seattle, WA
December 2007
Angle Gallery, Seattle, WA
July 2007
Form/Space Atelier, Seattle, WA
June 2007
Form/Space Atelier (Group Show), Seattle, WA
January 2007
Caffeine Café, Seattle, WA
July 2006
JAS Cabinet Shop, Seattle, WA
April 2005
Le Voyeur (Group Show), Olympia, WA
May 2004
The Evergreen State College Gallery 4 (Senior Thesis), Olympia, WA

Paul Pauper, Curator
Form/Space Atelier
2407 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121-1311

Form/Space Atelier
Presents Vernissage Each
Third Thursday

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