Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Feminist Eclat 5

Current Exhibition
Show Title: A Feminist Eclat: Art and Artifacts From The Office Of Gloria Steinem
Show Duration: March 17-April 17, 2011
Vernissage: March 17, 6PM

A Feminist Eclat:... is the fifth installment of Form/Space Atelier's feminist-themed programming which have showcased feminist artists such as 2010's exhibit by Juliette Fretté and 2008's lecture by Margie Livingston.

As a gallery exhibit, 2011's iteration focuses on three types of museology, fine art (prints), crafts (screenprinted costumes) and historical artifacts (letters from Ms. Steinem to Jesse Jackson, Sr., and other documents).

The exhibit consists of objects gifted to Form/Space Atelier by the office of Gloria Steinem.

"For the four or five years surrounding the birth of Ms., I was traveling and speaking as a team with a black feminist partner: first Dorothy Pitman Hughes, a child-care pioneer, then lawyer Florynce Kennedy, and finally activist Margaret Sloan. By speaking together at hundreds of public meetings, we hoped to widen a public image of the women's movement created largely by its first homegrown media event, The Feminine Mystique.... Despite the many early reformist virtues of The Feminine Mystique, it had managed to appear at the height of the civil rights movement with almost no reference to black women or other women of color. It was most relevant to the problems of the white well-educated suburban homemakers who were standing by their kitchen sinks justifiably wondering if there weren't 'more to life than this.' As a result, white-middle-class movement had become the catch phrase of journalists describing feminism in the United States..., and divisions among women were still deep."
-Gloria Steinem, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1983), pp. 5-6

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