Sunday, May 15, 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For May 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For May 2011

Exhibit Title(s): Under Seattle's Sky and The Sketchbook Project

Show Duration: May 19-June 9 (Under Seattle's Sky), June 10-11-12
(Sketchbook Project)

Opening Reception: May 19, 6PM (Iriana Shiyan)

Hours are, as usual, 12-4PM wed, thu, fri and sat. Both exhibits are free.

"'Under Seattle's Sky' is oil on canvas paintings by Iriana
Shiyan. This is Ms. Shiyan's first solo exhibit at Form/Space
Atelier. Ms. Shiyan's paintings are landscapes of the Northwest using
a fantastical technique and bright springtime colors. Ms. Shiyan was
born in Belarus, in Eastern Europe and grew up close to the capital
Minsk. Ms. Shiyan received her bachelor's and master's degrees in
economics and financial analysis from Envila University in Minsk. Ms.
Shiyan later completed a two-year certificate program at the art school,
becoming a certified art educator in painting and drawing.
'The Sketchbook Project' is the touring exhibit developed by Art
House Co-op, a Brooklyn, NY-based bookarts manufacturer and retailer.
"The Sketchbook Project" is a NCS exhibit based on the postal show
theme, having mailed about 30,000 sketchbooks to artists. The touring
exhibit counts over 10,000 completed sketchbooks. Other exhibit sites
include Brooklyn Art Library, Austin Museum of Art and Hillyer Art
Space, Washington, DC." -Paul Pauper, Curator.

"We all have our daily and monthly life patterns and routings. We take the same route to work, shop in the same store and love that restaurant on the corner. You get even deeper in to those tight self-imprisoning circles when Seattle’s sky cries for months. You drink more coffee and buy a happy light for your desk. Then if you escape is to Maui is not an option you download a happy photo of tropical paradise and wait for the spring.

May comes and some friend out of the state come to visit your Washington land. You take them to the Pike Market. Walking unexpectedly bright streets with a smell of coffee and cinnamon you catch yourself staring at the blue water and mountain range and suddenly remembering where you live and why you live here.

The first painting for “Under Seattle’s sky” began it’s life two weeks before Christmas when the water behind my window covered the sky, the earth, my house and myself. I was looking through the window and asking myself “How can I make my imagination stronger - see the world like I did when I was five years old, but with today’s experience and mixed up with some balanced fun?” In childhood we all have an amazing imagination; colors are bright, we discover everything for the first time, our excitement has no borders. I wanted to wake up this child in myself and bring new vision, a new version of Seattle to people who love it. That is how this series came to life. Seattle as a happy dreamscape where lights make your soul dance and skies take you back to your childhood. Streets are full imagination and excitement. New perspectives, fresh powerful colors and energy brings an image of an old Seattle to a new life." -Iriana Shiyan