Monday, June 27, 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For July 2011

Exhibit Title: (Con)Spire To Perfection

Exhibit Duration: July 2-August 4, 2011


Opening Reception: July 2, 7-10PM at ART NOT TERMINAL 2045 Westlake Avenue

" (Con)Spire To Perfection " is a co-located exhibit of Greg Boudreau's " Spire " series, elements and aspects originally exhibited in November, 2008 at Form/Space Atelier.
Whereas the original exhibit festooned over 300 hand-cut hand-stenciled paintings on found wood (Boudreau's process) in Form/Space Atelier's unusually configured exhibit space, plus a site-specific intervention reminiscent of a construction-site crane, the updated retrospective " (Con) Spire To Perfection " turns the life-size gallery into a scale model, and situates the exhibit in another gallery across the city at Art Not Terminal gallery, 2045 Westlake Avenue.
The original klunky crow stencils are replaced with flimsy, gossamer archival inkjet prints of Boudreau's crows on parchment, and the scale of the prints is miniaturized to fit the scale model.
The scale model was constructed for an exhibit proposal for " Split Level ", by Paula Rebsom. August 2010's Split Level, Rebsom's most recent intervention at Form/Space Atelier, included a wall built down the center of the gallery, and was constructed in such a way as to allow Rebsom to return the 2x4's used to make the wall, back to Home Depot unscathed, for a full refund, a cost saving with integral design ingenuity. Pauper learned the value of reusing, making use of Rebsom's exhibit proposal model for " (Con) Spire To Perfection " .

The Art Not Terminal location will exhibit the " Spire series " prints in miniature, approximately 2 inches square, in the scale model. Hours are Mon-Sat 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sun. 12:00 p.m. - 5:00pm .

The Form/Space Atelier location will exhibit slightly larger prints, approximately 8x10 inches, of the Spire series, viewable through the gallery doors from the street-level entrance on 1st Avenue, round-the-clock.

Sunday, June 26, 2011 More images from the blockbuster Sketchbook Project continue to filter through to our delighted awareness. Thank you archiving participants of The Sketchbook Project and generous supporters of Form/Space Atelier. We HEART your photographs. -Gallery Team.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sketchbook Project Addendum

We received today from Corbett, OR a package that enhances the institutional memory of The Sketchbook Project. Photographs and a rather scathing criticism of the exhibit. We welcome strong wording, in this manner do we aspire to improve our programming, be it positive, or in this case mostly negative. The gallery team believes in the process of crit. In total, the photographs of the exhibit as delivered concomitantly with the essay represented, Assistant Curator Ms. Ohashi and I deduced, a most objective combination of qualitative resources. Thanks to you, our not always adoring public. We listen and respond as we see most beneficial. Photo Credit: Bobbie Hartung Bryan

UPDATE: Sketchbook Project continues it's meteoric rise through the cultural consciousness of the modern world, a post on Oprah's blog today by Amy Shear here Thank you Ms. Shear and Oprah on behalf of Sketchbook Project and Arthouse Co-op!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For June 2011

Exhibit Title: 1 Of The Finest

Exhibit Duration: June 16-July 10, 2011

Vernissage: June 16, 6PM

"1 Of The Finest" is the second solo exhibit of Burgandy Viscosi's acrylic paintings at Form/Space Atelier, her third exhibit overall, as curated by Paul Kuniholm Pauper. Ms. Viscosi is one of the few artists that has exhibited at three different venues associated with the curation of Paul Kuniholm Pauper; The Smith Tower gallery, the original 1907 2nd Avenue site of Form/Space Atelier, and the current site at 2407 1st Avenue. Ms. Viscosi displays elements of a visionary style, though her draftpersonship is consistently of the highest quality. Those familiar with the curation of Paul Kuniholm Pauper recognize the drafting skill of Ms. Viscosi as an aspect of her work which absolutely cements her position in the catalogue of artists being curated by Mr. Pauper. Ms. Viscosi is also currently artist-in-residence in a hostel near Form/Space Atelier where she is executing a mural commission.