Sunday, October 16, 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For November 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For November 2011

Exhibit Title: Some Songs Have No Words

Exhibit Duration: November 2-December 3, 2011

Some Songs Have No Words is a site-specific installation of multiple paper structures cretaed by Rumi Koshino. During dialogue organizing the exhibit, Ms. Koshino expressed interest in emphasizing the specificity of the water-motif linoleum sited at the lowest level of the vertically stratified Form/Space Atelier; the bottom of the
staircases and the perigee of the multiple gradients present in the space. As in previous sculptural objects created by Ms. Koshino for exhibits elsewhere, Ms. Koshino will cleverly use photographic prints folded, origami-like, to synthesize an object and photograph as one.

Ms Koshino received both her MFA (2010, 3D4M) and her BFA (2008, Ceramics) from the University of Washington School Of Art. This is Ms. Koshino's first solo exhibit at Form/Space Atelier. -Paul Kuniholm Pauper, Curator

All of my works are self-portraits. My creative process reflects how I live my life, and the product mirrors the accumulation of my cultures, history, thoughts, emotions, and everyday life experiences.

Making art is a way for me to learn about life and to understand the world I live in. I use my intuition to guide me through the creative process, which allows me to enter into unknown and unexpected territory unattached from the fixed material or formal identity an artist might settle in. I take pleasure in the surprises and learning
that takes place from this process.

Honesty is at the center of my art practice. From the place of truthfulness, I hope to create works that go beyond the visual, aesthetic, and intellectual aspects of art and reach the truly indescribable places of our being. -Rumi Koshino

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For October 2011

Form/Space Atelier Program For October 2011

Exhibit Title: Back To The Head

Exhibit Duration: October 5-29, 2011

Vernissage: 1st Wednesday, October 5, 6PM

Back To The Head is site-specific installation by Ryan Horvath, the title is a jazz reference indicating the first and last chorus of a composition. This is the first exhibit of Mr. Horvath's as curated by Paul Pauper.
Ryan Horvath is a graduate of the University of Washington (MFA 2004) and the recipient of an Artist Trust WSAC Fellowship. Mr. Horvath's relevant work experience includes assistantship for ceramicist Jun Kaneko, and his current assistantship for Gary Hill. Mr. Horvath's work has exhibited at The Bemis Center, Omaha. -Paul Kuniholm Pauper, Curator, Form/Space Atelier.

Back To The Head is in reference to a term used in jazz and the approach I have taken for this exhibit. In music, the head is the first and last chorus of a tune.

For me, getting a place to show and having the exhibition/

Leaving time and space between to improvise/

The making, the playing, the meat/

Going off, getting out there and letting it out/

Improvisation is a spontaneous act of creating/

An experimental process/

Often a repeating cycle/



A place for the inconspicuous to gather/

And share unlikely likenesses/

Where ideas go to manifest/

Gracious for having a place to play/

Whether in the studio/

A gallery/

Or my mind/

I nod/

And we are Back To The Head/

-Ryan Horvath