Friday, February 17, 2012

Form/Space Atelier Program For March/April 2012

Exhibit Title: a'void

Exhibit Duration: March 7- May 5, 2012
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Vernissage: First Wednesday March 7, 6PM, Because First Wednesday Is One Day Better Than First Thursday

Art Installation examining Site-Specificity by Anna Koosmann and Aaron Asis. Form/Space Atelier begins 2012 with a new format; organizing exhibits of Site-Specific Installation, to coalesce the nascent underpinnings of a concerted effort to establish Belltown as the preeminent Site-Specific Installation meridian in Seattle. Enumerating Suyama Space one block distant to Form/Space Atelier, the organic emphasis for Installation in Belltown has no finer model than a Beth Sellars-curated Suyama Space. -Paul Kuniholm Pauper, Curator, Form/Space Atelier

a’void installation | site specific

Paying homage to a multi-faceted site history, Aaron Asis and Anna Koosmann selectively render the interior volume of Form/Space Atelier as a holistic series of independent gestures. The exhibition space stands behind a translucent veil of pulsating neon remnants, lending an opportunity to explore the sequencing of form and space. Appointing lines derived from an intuitive perception of the gallery interior, this site-specific work exploits the obvious and galvanizes a procession through a sculpted vacancy. a’void aims to creatively share the story of this site, serving as a temporary armature, designed to creatively feature its unassuming host.

Aaron Asis and Anna Koosmann have been colleagues for over 5 years in varying capacities; ranging from interpretive photography to design-build accomplishments.

Aaron was born and raised in Queens, NY and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the City University of New York - Queens College. He moved to Seattle to earn a double Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Architecture from the University of Washington. Currently, he is working professionally in the architectural field and as an active artist. Most recently, Aaron is the recipient of the City Arts Summer Art Walk Award.

Anna was born and raised in the Midwest and earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She moved to Seattle to earn a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Washington. Currently, she is working professionally at a locally-based architecture firm and has co-founded community design groups in Seattle. This is Anna’s second site-specific installation with Form/Space Atelier.

Aaron and Anna are both committed to applying their creative and spatial backgrounds to explore interactive relationships through site-specific forms and narratives.

*a’void is their first collaborative art show.* -Anna Koosmann and Aaron Asis.