Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sam Birchman: A New Retrospective

Exhibition Title: "Sam Birchman, A New Retrospective"

Exhibition Duration: Second Friday December 12 - January 3, 2015 5PM

Vernissage: Second Friday December 12 6-8PM participant with

"Sam Birchman, A New Retrospective" combines new paintings and drawings by the artist with favorites from the artists' ten-year career.

Sam Birchman creates environments that evoke a confusion of feelings, a jilted lover in drag executes an arabesque somewhere in Birchman's day job world as a cabinetmaker.  We see archetypal characterizations of love lost, amongst the machinery of the labor he must perform in order to sustain his way of life. In real life Birchman makes furniture and wooden cabinetry, to pay for his studio in the Vain Salon complex of art work spaces.  Other compositions depict subconscious manifestations; tubes of toothpaste squirt languid ellipses across moonscapes, a co-worker's legs are actually slices of sausage, but the victim has a catatonic smirk whilst his limbs are
being carved for consumption.  We find a morbid curiosity in sneaking a glimpse at Birchman's paintings.  if we collect his work, it is only if we are ready to take a long bath and cleanse his beautiful, captivating dystopia from us after making contact with it.

Sam Birchman is my friend.  I find his paintings singularly unique, and executed with an absolute perfection of technical skill, not over-wrought, a production value that is comforting and portrays a spontaneous energy, an exceptionally well-conceived color-mixing, and drafted with acute understanding of academic process.

Sam Birchman has exhibited widely in the Seattle area, including with Francine Seders and co-exhibits with his father Fred Birchman and brother Julian Birchman on occasion.  Sam is a graduate of Evergreen State College, Olympia, where he studied oil painting.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche) Programming For January 3 Through April 4, 2015

Paul Kuniholm Pauper, Donnas, 2014, c-print, edition size 5, $12,600
Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche) 
98 Clay Street
Seattle, WA 98121

Exhibition Title: Women Who Rawk

Exhibition Duration: January 9,  2015 6PM-April 3, 2015 12PM

Observance of International Women's Day March 8, 2015 Silent Vigil Gathering 1201-1206AM 

Vernissage: 6PM January 9, 2015

Co-curated by Poster Giant, Women Who Rawk exhibits slick marketing posters of women musicians, including local star Shelby Earl, giving visual access to positive female role models, as a means to dialogue issues of gender equality.

Poster Giant's Seattle staff curated marketing posters at the request of Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche) Curator Paul Kuniholm Pauper, who was researching sources for his long-running Feminist Éclat annual exhibition, now in its 14th year.

Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche) will host a Silent Vigil Gathering in observance of  International Women's Day 1201-1206AM March 8 as a poignant reticent counterpoint to the women artists often loud means of expression, customarily performed in stadiums.  

Contact Paul Kuniholm Pauper, Curator And Salesman
Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche) text:206-349-2509

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Form/Space Atelier Are A Brick-And-Mortar Gallery And Web Gallery, too

Purchase a sculpture module on Amazon for $450
Form/Space Atelier is three places: Form/Space Atelier (Flagship)Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche)
and Form/Space Atelier (Amazon Storefront) .  Stop by our brick-and-mortar galleries or visit our showroom online TODAY!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Garden Party In The Park, Matt Kandegas Retrospective

Form/Space Atelier (ArtNiche) At Avenue One 98 Clay Street, Seattle 98121:

Vernissage November 14, 6pm, in the swank Avenue One Salon, featuring champagne and oysters on the half shell to celebrate the inaugural exhibition of a new space for Seattle artists curated by Sculptor Paul Kuniholm Pauper.

Exhibition Duration: November 14-January 1, 2015

Exhibition Title: "Garden Party In The Park"

Didactic: Garden Party In The Park is a Matt Kandegas retrospective of the last twenty years of the post-minimalist's paintings. Often collaborating with Pacific Northwest artists such as Kyle MacDonald for an exhibition and performative, or Paul Kuniholm Pauper for a co-exhibit at 2013 Cultural Congress and 2008 at Tashiro Kaplan, and 2009 and 2010 at the Flagship Form/Space Atelier, 2407 1st, 99121.

Matt Kandegas (Stockholm), has been associated with post-minimalism for more than 30 years. His paintings of paper clips are two-dimensional talismans to ward off the horrors of stadium rock. Many regard his art as a panacea to the apocalyptic vengeance of stadium rock. Collectors of Matt Kandegas describe states of ecstasy delivered by the remedy of his paper clip paintings, vanquishing stadium rock's evil menace.

Matt Kandegas was the recipient of a 2013 Cultural Congress grant from 4culture and Seattle Office Of Arts. He is widely collected in the Northwest and Sweden.  He was formally trained at Seattle Academy Of Fine Art.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Into The Veil With Jakku House, Kate Ryan at Form/Space Atelier

Exhibition vernissage: Oct 10, 6pm

Exhibition Duration: Oct 10- Dec 6

Kate Ryan brings the interactive salon Jakku House to Form/Space Atelier, supported by a site-specific installation reflecting Kate Ryan's fiber vocabulary. The artist explains some of Jakku House organizing principles: "Jakku  {yaw-coo} my Finnish family name translates to the word coat. For each Jakku House tea party I bake fresh pastries and brew herbal teas all served on dishes infused with love, joy, patience and gratitude.
To keep our interlight warm."

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kristin Schimik: Volcanic Rainbow

Starts Aug. 8. Thu–Sat. Through Oct 4.

Opening: Reception Fri Aug 8, 6-8 pm.
Kristin Schimik: Volcanic Rainbow: An exhibition of new ceramic sculpture and mixed-media installation that investigates the link between mineral and light.

Schimik says  "Currently, my project Volcanic Rainbow is slowly growing and evolving as a site-specific installation in the Form/Space Atelier in Belltown.

This exhibition is part of a series of experiments and explorations with materials that I initially tend to vilify. What is it that happens when I get quiet and listen to the things that repel?  Beauty reveals itself."

Monday, July 21, 2014

Form/Space Atelier Summer 2014

Current Exhibition




Cellular Calligraphy : Hand Knitted Wearable Sculptures & Painted Works By Kelly Fleek
Kelly Fleek works in Sculpture, Painting, Textiles, Installation, Music & Photography. Her work is the sum of a love affair with the commonality in the smallest and largest elements of life. Her textiles ask individuals to touch them, to become a sculpture. The 'Nature Drag' series : wearing nature, being nature and the newest series, 'Ceremonials' : mode of transformation, take their cues from our Pacific Northwest environment. This work melds traditional sculpture technics with avant-garde textile construction. All of Fleek's work is a reflective interpretation of the natural forms in and around us all. Wearing and viewing this work activates our inseparable connection to our shared surroundings while allowing transcendence from the constructs of our daily lives. 'Ceremonials' are created on friends and loved ones as a visual discussion of personal mythologies; how we see ourselves individually...through the eyes of our loved ones and how we perceive them. This project is about self, trust, community and story telling. It is about how we touch, relax, contemplate, build relationships, create rituals and love. Her 2-D work is biomorphic in nature. Fleeks' paintings address our organic environment and the movement of human life within organic and constructed environments. This work engages the viewer with fluid movement of shape and form...suspending the mind itself in the world of the familiar...the cell, the fleeting thought.. a wash of natural, comforting color. Kelly refers to her abstractions as 'Cellular Calligraphy'... the gestural nature of her work creates open and contemplative discussion of the natural world, especially as it draws attention to the perceived, the unseen and the inextricable link between these worlds.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Al Doggett At Form/Space Atelier

The Totem Series

May 9-June 6, 2014

Vernissage: May 9, 6-8PM

The Totem Series is a wide range of art in diverse media by Al Doggett. "The Totem Series," inspired by the monumental three-dimensional totems found in various cultures, will illustrate the the connection between contemporary indigenous people and their ancestral past, using imagery from the natural world created with a variety of media, including acrylic, charcoal, gouache and photographic images. The works will be created on canvas and other archival art surfaces.
Rather than attempting to encapsulate the history of a particular culture, Al Doggett will exhibit works that reflect the enduring strength and importance of family in our global society, exploring the African-American, Native American, Maori and Australian Aboriginal family stories.

Friday, March 14, 2014

              2014 Martin Ranger Images, All Rights Reserved

Title: "Charras And Charros"

Start/End March 14- April 5, 2014

Vernissage: March 14 participant with
Martin Ranger has his first solo exhibition at Form/Space Atelier, a vast, sweeping series of photographs narrating his experiences with Charreadas of the last several years.

The charreada or charrería is a competitive event similar to rodeo and was developed from animal husbandry practices used on the haciendas of old Mexico. The sport has been described as "living history," or as an art form drawn from the demands of working life.  Evolving from the traditions brought from Spain in the 16th century, the first charreadas were ranch work competitions between haciendas. The modern Charreada developed after the Mexican Revolution when charro traditions were disappearing. The competing charros often came from families with a tradition of Charreria,  and teams today are often made up from extended families who have been performing for up to five generations.  The charreada consists of nine events for men plus one for women, all of which involve horses, cattle or both.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Feminist Eclat Featuring Hayley Boyd

Hayley Boyd, Fallen 2013, String, Paper Cardboard, Grommets

Form/Space Atelier Feminist Eclat No. 9

Exhibition Duration: January 10, 2014-March 8, 2014

Vernissage: January 10, 6PM

Finissage: March 8, 12PM, to coincide with International Women's Day

  • Feminist Eclat Featuring Hayley Boyd Fallen, a site specific installation by Hayley Boyd will exhibit January 10- March 8, 2014, providing Form/Space Atelier's annual Feminist Eclat exhibition with new and exciting visual information to narrate the themati premise. Also exhibiting: Britta Johnson, GGOT, Gloria Steinem's portraitist Joanna Salska, Feminist writer and Playboy Playmate Juliette Fretté Yuriko Miyamoto and Yachin You. Proceeds from sales benefit Hedgebrook artist sanctuary.