Saturday, May 31, 2014

Al Doggett At Form/Space Atelier

The Totem Series

May 9-June 6, 2014

Vernissage: May 9, 6-8PM

The Totem Series is a wide range of art in diverse media by Al Doggett. "The Totem Series," inspired by the monumental three-dimensional totems found in various cultures, will illustrate the the connection between contemporary indigenous people and their ancestral past, using imagery from the natural world created with a variety of media, including acrylic, charcoal, gouache and photographic images. The works will be created on canvas and other archival art surfaces.
Rather than attempting to encapsulate the history of a particular culture, Al Doggett will exhibit works that reflect the enduring strength and importance of family in our global society, exploring the African-American, Native American, Maori and Australian Aboriginal family stories.