Monday, July 21, 2014

Form/Space Atelier Summer 2014

Current Exhibition




Cellular Calligraphy : Hand Knitted Wearable Sculptures & Painted Works By Kelly Fleek
Kelly Fleek works in Sculpture, Painting, Textiles, Installation, Music & Photography. Her work is the sum of a love affair with the commonality in the smallest and largest elements of life. Her textiles ask individuals to touch them, to become a sculpture. The 'Nature Drag' series : wearing nature, being nature and the newest series, 'Ceremonials' : mode of transformation, take their cues from our Pacific Northwest environment. This work melds traditional sculpture technics with avant-garde textile construction. All of Fleek's work is a reflective interpretation of the natural forms in and around us all. Wearing and viewing this work activates our inseparable connection to our shared surroundings while allowing transcendence from the constructs of our daily lives. 'Ceremonials' are created on friends and loved ones as a visual discussion of personal mythologies; how we see ourselves individually...through the eyes of our loved ones and how we perceive them. This project is about self, trust, community and story telling. It is about how we touch, relax, contemplate, build relationships, create rituals and love. Her 2-D work is biomorphic in nature. Fleeks' paintings address our organic environment and the movement of human life within organic and constructed environments. This work engages the viewer with fluid movement of shape and form...suspending the mind itself in the world of the familiar...the cell, the fleeting thought.. a wash of natural, comforting color. Kelly refers to her abstractions as 'Cellular Calligraphy'... the gestural nature of her work creates open and contemplative discussion of the natural world, especially as it draws attention to the perceived, the unseen and the inextricable link between these worlds.