Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tiffany Rodman Croquer At Form/Space Atelier

Exhibition Title: "Winner, Winner"

Exhibition Duration: Jan 2-Mar 8, 2016

"Winner, Winner" is sculpture by Paris-based Tiffany Rodman Croquer
that explores the
intersection between art and craft, contemporary issues and symbolism.

Artist statement, Tiffany Rodman Croquer:
The intention of my artwork is to demonstrably
emphasize the intersection of fine art and
craft.  Taking a useful object (associated with
craftic themes) and embellishing it with a fine
art process of oil painting, the combined
approach creates a fine art piece out of a
once-useful (craftic) object.  An anachronistic
icon of the bygone materials creates a
thought-provoking subterfuge where easy answers
to complex world problems vex our awareness.  By
using a specific contemporary subject matter in
the composition of the embellishment, further
points of interpretation are possible.  However,
the treatment of the motif in a
visually-stimulating, low-brow or
circus-influenced style renders the potentially
controversial content benign.  I am trying to
artistically de-fuse a public anxious from the
turmoil of modern times, and invite stressed news
consumers to 'run away with the circus'."-TRC