Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Greg Boudreau "Crows" January 1- April 12, 2018

Crows , third exhibition of stencil artist Greg Boudreau organized by Form/Space Atelier, including conceptual/co-located (Con)Spire to Perfection , which appeared in two galleries simultaneously.

Spire was the inaugural collaboration between Boudreau and Form/Space Atelier, space two; 2407 1st Avenue 98121.

Greg Boudreau prepared this proposal statement prior to the execution of November 2009's exhibit: "The project for Form/Space will be called "SPIRE." It will essentially consist of a central spire constructed of salvaged wood on the '2nd landing' (of the gallery) with possibly one or two separate partial spires. The spires will be loosely modeled on the structure of construction crane frames. The walls will be filled with a "massive" quantity of single layer hand drawn bird stencils printed on frames of salvaged wood. The intent to create a project/installation that emphasizes the vertical quality of the gallery of Form/Space Atelier. Spire also combines our original ideas (Boudreau and Form/Space Atelier Curator Paul Kuniholm) of having outside studio work mixed with an atelier project. Because of the 'freer' nature of the execution of the project I've been changing my ideas and approach more than usual."

The build for Spire can be witnessed HERE .

Brief Boudreau background:

- “A FUTURE OF CONCRETE AND STEEL.” Canvas Art. Seattle, WA. August 2008. Solo Exhibition.
- “Auburn: People and Places” or “Greg Boudreau’s More Than You Imagined” Auburn Parks and Recreation Department. June, July 2008. Auburn, WA. Solo Exhibition.
- Twilight Artist Collective. Seattle, WA. May 2008.
- “You Were Always My Favorite.” Canvas Art Gallery. Seattle, WA. March 2008.
- “Publicis Commission.” 152 panels created and installed for company collection, August and November 2007.
- “I’m Only Friends with Attractive People.” 619 Western Artist Studios. Seattle, WA. August 2007.
- “Big Game Hunters.” Calamity Jane’s. Seattle, WA. April 2007.
- Solstice Café. Seattle, WA. April 2006.

- “Spray It, Don’t Say It.” Bherd Studios. Seattle, WA. August 2008. Group Exhibition.
- “American Dream.” DDADX Studios. Portland, OR. June 2008. Group Exhibition.
- “Papercuts.” 108 Occidental Gallery. Seattle, WA. June 2008. Group Exhibition.
- ArtReach. Sea Sound Lounge. Seattle, WA. May 2008.
- Forgotten Works’ 30-30 Challenge. OK Hotel. Seattle, WA. December 2007.
- “SS Marie Antoinette Group Art Exhibit.” 619 Western Artist Studios. Seattle, WA. September 2006.
- “The Anti-Terrorism Handbook.” OK Hotel. Seattle, WA. April 2006.

- Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Marketing, Seattle University, Seattle, WA, June 2005
- 2008 EDGE professional development program through Artist Trust.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Matt Kandegas Retrospective, Oct 1-Dec 31, 2017

Swedish artist Matt Kandegas' signature paintings feature minimalist, oversized paperclips—see a 20-year retrospective of his work!

Oct 13- Dec 31 Form/Space Atelier 
See more at this archive of Cultural Congress exhibition of Matt Kandegas 2013 HERE.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Exhibition Title: (Non) Traditional Tattooist

Exhibition Duration: July 14- October 11, 2017

Vernissage: July 14, 6-8pm

"(Non) Traditional Tattooist" is tattoo designs on archival paper
created by Eva Yuewang.  Eva received two intensive trainings in
traditional chinese tatto with a master in Los Angeles.  The
non-traditional narrative emerges from Eva's extensive training as a
photgrapher and painter when combined within the traditional chinese
tattoo genre.

Eva Yüe wang is a Chinese artist, living in Seattle, The United
States. She received a MFA in Fine Arts Photography in China and a MFA
degree of illustration at Syracuse University before beginning study
and training as a traditional chinese tattooist with a tattoo master
in Los Angeles.

Her artworks are often narrative conversations with viewers. Her
themes art surreal, expressed realistically but are more imaginative
than real life.

She likes to catch subtle emotional waves of human beings. The
characters in her paintings have paradoxical personalities. They are
sensitive but indifferent, innocent but ruthless, attractive but they
don't even notice that attractiveness.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Form/Space Atelier Program For Spring 2017

Give Love, 2017, mixed media

Form/Space Atelier Program For Spring 2017

Exhibition Title: Give Love

Exhibition Duration: April 14-July 7, 2017

Vernissage: April 14, 6-8PM @98 Clay Street Text 2063492509

Luca Vigorelli creates bold, imaginative, and narrative mixed media paintings on canvas using acrylic paint, oil pastel, and acrylic marker, pulling from influences such as wildlife, human anatomy, street art and Jungian psychology. Luca is inspired by the inner stories that drive our daily lives; the conscious and subconscious aspects of our psychology. He works to capture a playful and lighthearted side of our mental, emotional and physical challenges as human beings.

Born in New York City, Luca Vigorelli is a self-taught artist who was mentored by artists James Gortner and Sante D'orazio at Mana Contemporary. He started painting in his youth in East Hampton, NY, where he attended the Ross School's Visual Arts program. He continued painting in his East Village studio when he moved back to New York City in 2009.

He currently lives and works between New York City and Los Angeles.  Luca has exhibited in Southampton, NY and Miami.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Threshold To Context Photography by Marcus Gyllborg

Form/Space Atelier Program for
Feb 3-Apr 3, 2017

Threshold to Context:

This collection of photography dates back from before I even knew what I was searching for. The project started as an investigation into cultures on the fringes of Europe and how they were adapting to the expanding opportunities in a modernizing world. I was drawn to these places because I could identify with their unstable states, being on the edge to something new. My own personal story is one of constant movement which has given me many privileged glimpses of the world, but also left me rootless with no defined community to share my experiences. These photographs are hints into a world that is grappling to hang onto something with meaning before it is lost. -Marcus Gyllborg Six photographs from a larger  series To view the entire project  visit  my  website  marcusgyllborg.com
-Marcus Gyllborg