Saturday, February 4, 2017

Threshold To Context Photography by Marcus Gyllborg

Form/Space Atelier Program for
Feb 3-Apr 3, 2017

Threshold to Context:

This collection of photography dates back from before I even knew what I was searching for. The project started as an investigation into cultures on the fringes of Europe and how they were adapting to the expanding opportunities in a modernizing world. I was drawn to these places because I could identify with their unstable states, being on the edge to something new. My own personal story is one of constant movement which has given me many privileged glimpses of the world, but also left me rootless with no defined community to share my experiences. These photographs are hints into a world that is grappling to hang onto something with meaning before it is lost. -Marcus Gyllborg Six photographs from a larger  series To view the entire project  visit  my  website
-Marcus Gyllborg